Dark-malawi U-shaped modular kitchen Design

G SHAPED MODULR KITCHEN design ,delhi chandigargh,BANGALORE,india

An modular U- shaped kitchen mae in HDHMR ply with UV COATED shutters  along with YELLOWISH wall type

savannah-cherry U shaped modular kitchen Design

u shaped modular kitchen design bangalore,delhi,chandigargh,india,readymade kitchen design bangalore

Choosing the right color combination to your modular kitchen will fragrance the tune of house beautification .the top shutter used in this kitchen is MET PEARL with an eye cathing color combination of MET OLIVE NEW fo bottom shutters

Irish cream -Parallel Modular kitchen design

paallel modular kitchen design bangalore,delhi,chandigargh kitchen design,interiors design readymade

A parallel kitchen is  allow for maximum use of restricted  space and required the minimum work of movement.the color used in this modular kitchen is irish cream for upper drawer and slate for lower drawer

Irish cream-straight line modular kitchen design


straight modular kitchen design .kitchen Is a place where we can express our feeling and boost our mood